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Concrete Mixture Designs

Wenatchee Sand and Gravel has been safely performing on commercial projects with vigorous specifications for over 44 years.  With the knowledge and expertise we can create almost any type of concrete mixture to meet the specifications of your next project.

  • Pervious Concrete
  • Heat Resistant Concrete
  • Waterproof Concrete
  • Self Consolidating Concrete


Residential Performance Mixes for every type of application

  • Standard Mixes (Footings, Walls, Post Holes or Interior or Exterior Floors
  • Pro Mixes (Walls, Interior Floor, Exterior Floors
  • Master Mixes (Exterior Floor, Interior Floors)

These mixes were designed for the concrete professional at a competitive price. 

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

With Fluctuating Steel prices Wenatchee Sand and Gravel carries a wide variety of Structural Fibers that in some cases can replace steel reinforcement. 

  • How much more efficient would your next project be if you didn’t have labor costs for rebar installation?
  • How much time can we save you on your construction schedule?